Being a creative entrepreneur is a path that takes courage to approach, faith to step into, wisdom to make decisions each day, and endurance to keep going. Creative entrepreneurs are resilient and hard working, but as any entrepreneur can tell you; the road is not for the faint of heart and often a lonely road to travel. But though it feels lonely at times, it's critical you understand that you are NOT alone! That's why we created the United Podcast. 

You can expect to hear relevant stories and reliable education you can take action with to help grow and transform your business. Our hope is that these conversations not only change the trajectory of your work, but in turn, leave a mark that helps the trajectory of your life.

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One of our favorite United talks over the years is Devin Robinson’s “Not Your Momma’s Social Media Talk.” Through and through we hear Devin speak on social media and walk out inspired to connect with others and make big changes.

We invited him to share with us some of his social media secrets on The United Podcast and we can’t WAIT for you to hear what all he dishes in this episode of the podcast!

Devin and his lovely wife, Kathrine are the founders of Anchor and Veil Photography where they manage a team of over 20 creatives, shooting weddings and helping businesses grow across the country. Together, they have built an empire while harnessing the power of social media. In this episode, you’ll hear about how Anchor and Veil was born, why social media is important to anyone in the creative industry and even some of Devin’s best strategies for growing a business through connection.

Make sure and check out Devin online at Anchor and Veil You can find more education for photographers at their Anchor and Veil Education For Photographers. Mentioned in the episode is Devin’s clubhouse daily chat, which you can find HERE at You can also find Anchor and Veil here on Instagram.

Don’t have clubhouse yet? You can download the app HERE.

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On this new episode of The United Podcast, James and Jess both joined us for an interview you definitely won’t want to miss – especially if you love to spoil your clients on wedding days. James and Jess gave us HUGE insight to the heart behind why they work tirelessly to deliver sneak peak images to their wedding day clients THE NEXT DAY. They also give us their own list of videos to take on a wedding day for full coverage instagram stories and how you can further your business by using them well.

This is an episode jam packed full of information so grab your note taking favorites and join us with a cup of coffee with James and Jess.

To learn more from James and Jess, head over to their education for photographers to learn more about how you can become part of their experts society, and a FREE instagram training they’re offering about their Instagram workflow! You can also find James and Jess on Instagram @jameswitty and @jessfairchild

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In this episode of the United Podcast, we’re joined by Jaime Davis, a So Cal based luxury wedding photographer and educator who specializes in giving her clients a luxury experience. She has a heart for helping other photographers and on the podcast, she opens up about how her business was able to thrive while her family was surviving the unthinkable. Jaime is passionate about helping other photographers prepare their businesses for when unthinkable circumstances arise so that your business can keep going even when you can’t.

Turst us, you don’t want to miss this episode on the podcast!

To learn more about Showit United head over to the website! Showit United Apart, mentioned in this episode happened in November 2020, streamed live. We’re greatly looking forward to when we can all be together again in 2021!

Make sure and follow Jaime online at Jaime Davis Photography, on Instagram and go check out how you can learn more from Jaime at Jaime Davis Education.

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In this episode of The United Podcast, Laylee Emadi shares with us her personal story of going from high school dance teacher to photographer to then, teaching other photographers how to teach. Along the way, she developed a Senior Rep Program that helps her build connection with the seniors she photographs and they, in turn, rep her business. We can’t wait for you to hear the ins and outs of this fabulous program along with Laylee’s inspiring story of how the Senior Rep Program was born for her business.

Laylee is an educator, podcast host, and photographer with a heart for serving clients and fellow creatives. She believes in serving the creative industry with heartfelt encouragement, honest advice, and a shared pursuit of the ever-elusive “balance.” Laylee is passionate about her goal to help you feel confident in your ability to make a difference, create impact, and to build a life doing what you love.

To learn more about Laylee, go check out her website at You can also learn from Laylee by enrolling in one of her many sources of education like the Creative Educator’s Academy, The Next Level Retreat or by browsing her Tools and Resources for Creatives. You can also listen to her podcast, So Here’s The Thing.

For more links on how to find Laylee and more resources from each show, make sure and check out the show notes!

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Cassie Jones serves as the director for the United Conference at Showit, while James Nwobu serves as Showit’s Brand Developer. From Arizona to Arkansas, James and Cassie come together to host the United Podcast with the hope that their deep conversations and tough-ish questioning with industry leaders provide you with the insight to navigate your creative journey and discover new degrees of creative freedom.

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