How to Spoil Your Clients With Instagram Stories

On this new episode of The United Podcast, James and Jess both joined us for an interview you definitely won’t want to miss – especially if you love to spoil your clients on wedding days. James and Jess gave us HUGE insight to the heart behind why they work tirelessly to deliver sneak peak images to their wedding day clients THE NEXT DAY. They also give us their own list of videos to take on a wedding day for full coverage instagram stories and how you can further your business by using them well.

This is an episode jam packed full of information so grab your note taking favorites and join us with a cup of coffee with James and Jess.

To learn more from James and Jess, head over to their education for photographers to learn more about how you can become part of their experts society, and a FREE instagram training they’re offering about their Instagram workflow! You can also find James and Jess on Instagram @jameswitty and @jessfairchild

Tempe, AZ November 7-10, 2021


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