How To Prepare Your Business For The Unthinkable

In this episode of the United Podcast, we’re joined by Jaime Davis, a So Cal based luxury wedding photographer and educator who specializes in giving her clients a luxury experience. She has a heart for helping other photographers and on the podcast, she opens up about how her business was able to thrive while her family was surviving the unthinkable. Jaime is passionate about helping other photographers prepare their businesses for when unthinkable circumstances arise so that your business can keep going even when you can’t.

Turst us, you don’t want to miss this episode on the podcast!

To learn more about Showit United head over to the website! Showit United Apart, mentioned in this episode happened in November 2020, streamed live. We’re greatly looking forward to when we can all be together again in 2021!

Make sure and follow Jaime online at Jaime Davis Photography, on Instagram and go check out how you can learn more from Jaime at Jaime Davis Education.

Tempe, AZ November 7-10, 2021


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