How To Build Connection With Seniors So They Rep You with Laylee Emadi

In this episode of The United Podcast, Laylee Emadi shares with us her personal story of going from high school dance teacher to photographer to then, teaching other photographers how to teach. Along the way, she developed a Senior Rep Program that helps her build connection with the seniors she photographs and they, in turn, rep her business. We can’t wait for you to hear the ins and outs of this fabulous program along with Laylee’s inspiring story of how the Senior Rep Program was born for her business.

Laylee is an educator, podcast host, and photographer with a heart for serving clients and fellow creatives. She believes in serving the creative industry with heartfelt encouragement, honest advice, and a shared pursuit of the ever-elusive “balance.” Laylee is passionate about her goal to help you feel confident in your ability to make a difference, create impact, and to build a life doing what you love.

To learn more about Laylee, go check out her website at You can also learn from Laylee by enrolling in one of her many sources of education like the Creative Educator’s Academy, The Next Level Retreat or by browsing her Tools and Resources for Creatives. You can also listen to her podcast, So Here’s The Thing.

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Tempe, AZ November 7-10, 2021


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