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United Apart is a one-day online event to encourage and equip you with game-changing education and real-life stories from creative industry leaders

9am to 4pm MST

November 18th 

in 1 day

energize your photography business


A connection with a community that is commited to be your personal cheerleaders

A solid game plan that is customized for you and your business

A reignited passion for the growth of your business despite how much this last year set you back

Real life, practical advice from people people who are going through the same thing and coming out on top

After a year like 2020 it's easy to feel disheartened, disconnected and altogether burnt out. That's why we created United Apart. We want to give you the opportunity to turn one of the toughest years into the best year you've had in your business yet. You'll walk away with:

the inspiration you need

Have a watch party at your house! (With proper precautions of course.)Invite some friends over. Cook up some BBQ. And enjoy a full day of education from industry leaders. You'll grow closer together, you'll learn a ton AND you'll have a blast all at the same time 

3. At Home with friends

Connect with some friends over Zoom and watch together! Even when we're apart, we can still stay united by sharing the same experience at the same time. Plus, it's always fun to make silly comments and a few amens in the chat.

2. online with friends

Keep your pj's on, pop some popcorn and settle in for a nice day of learning and inspiration. United Apart was made with the intention of making a meaningful connection with you no matter where you are or how socially distanced you might find yourself.

1. By Yourself

3 ways to watch


Jasmine Star is a photographer and business strategist from Newport Beach, California. She dropped out of law school and became an internationally recognized creative entrepreneur, later to become the founder of Social Curator, a social media marketing membership for business owners. Harnessing her chutzpah and hustle, Jasmine empowers entrepreneurs to build a brand, market it on social media, and create a life they love. Some days you'll find her featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and INC magazine, other days you'll find her going Live on Instagram, hosting Ask Me Anything sessions on Facebook, and empowering business owners to build a life they love on her podcast, The Jasmine Star Show.

Jasmine Star

Join Jasmine for this fast-paced talk, more information coming soon!

Talk: Title coming soon

Terri Baskin is a Virginia-based International wedding photographer whose style of imagery is best described as authentic, romantic and fun. Terri approaches each client relationship genuinely seeking to understand the couple, their uniqueness and their love story, which has allowed her to develop a referral-based business.

When she’s not photographing weddings, Terri gets excitement from eating Oreos, public speaking and educating photographers and creative entrepreneurs. Terri has lead group styled shoots, panel groups, breakout classes and presented keynote talks at a number of conferences, including Showit United, Creative at Heart, Reset Conference and the Creative Launch Summit, to name a few.

Terri Baskin

"Are you stuck in a business rut? Are you looking to elevate your client experience to creates loyal
and repeat clients? The ABC's of Building a Referral-Based Business is a step-by-step journey to
create a memorable client experience that will get your clients sharing your business with others."

Talk: The ABc's of building a referral based business

Chip is an serial entrepreneur and Facebook and Instgram Ads expert with a
passion for all things technology and media. He is the founder / photographer of
Chip Dizard Studios a wedding photography/videography firm that captures
couple’s love stories internationally.

Chip Dizárd

2020 has been a tough year for many but for many Black Photographers it has been especially
tough, from everyone posting black squares to photographers figuring everything out. Black
photographers matter and I will share why we do and ways to work with us.

Talk:Why Black Photographers Matter

Shaun Gordon, author, owner of Kiss Books and photographer of over 500 weddings, helps creative entrepreneurs answer questions like this. He is dedicated to empowering his community with simple tools that change lives, resources that make it easy, and education that teaches you how to let your best self shine.
Shaun is happily married to his lovely wife and a father to their three children. You can find him on Kiss Book’s IG Live twice a week, hosting events throughout the world, & dedicating time to his family.

Shaun Gordon

What do you see when you look in the mirror? You, your family, your friends, and your clients want to see you become the best version of you. The beautiful thing is, we don’t arrive, we become.

Talk: wake up and become you

Shaun Gordon

Chip Dizárd

Terri Baskin

Jasmine Star

Vanessa is based in both San Diego and Hawaii, but you will find her on an airplane photographing weddings across the country. Some of her favorite locations include Colorado, New York City, Seattle, and of course, Disney Weddings! Her work has been featured in worldwide publications, to include Destination I Do, People Magazine, The Knot, Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, ABC News, Today Show, Good Morning America and many more. Vanessa was also voted #1 Wedding Photographer in Hawaii by Hawaii Magazine in 2018 and 2019. She created the viral #flagbaby image and Military Tea Time Sessions.

Vanessa Hicks

This has been the year of resilience, overcoming fear, our mental health has been tested, and truly, those who have continued to push forward will rise out of the ashes. I want to share my testimonial on resilience, share with the audience that the best things in life are on the other side of fear, and steps to get there.

talk: Overcoming Fear

Sarah Kay Love is a Creative Consultant, specializing in content strategy, production and digital marketing, devoted to helping companies build brands that differentiate themselves and increase business. After working for InStyle magazine and “America’s Next Top Model” photographer Nigel Barker, she became a lover of all things weddings and spent five years at The Knot magazine producing and curating visuals on a variety of media platforms from print to digital editorials, covers, advertising campaigns, and social media channels. She also spearheaded the real wedding and styled shoot submission process for the national and regional magazines. Sarah is now combining her unique skill set and sharing her knowledge with wedding photographers and professionals to help them develop skills to grow their digital presence, get published, drive revenue and stand out in a saturated market. 

Sarah kay Love

With the ever-changing world of publication- print and digital- we will cover the importance of
getting your work featured and seen on all platforms and how to do this without having to even submit to news outlets.

Talk: How To Be Your Own Self Publisher

Tai Mceachin is a natural light photographer from Orlando Florida and surrounding areas. As a busy mom of 2, Tai has built her business on the belief that she would spread love via photography in it's pure, candid, and real form. Even though Tai works a fun but demanding 9-5, but still manages to have time and energy to pour into her photography business and the creative community. And all while wearing a bold red lip, and a giant smile.

Tai Mceachin

Courage is a beautiful journey and confidence can be one of the goals. Everyday we should do things with courage rather than waiting for the confidence to take action. Too many times we may not find the confidence to take on a new challenge, start that business or have that difficult conversation; let's shift our mindset to choose courage over confidence, every time.

Talk: Courage Over Confidence

When Ashley started her wedding planning company, The Simply Elegant Group, she was a one-woman operation. She never dreamed that years later, she would grow the business to one of the largest wedding planning companies in the country with a team of 40 employees in 8 different states. As a natural-born connector, she now gets to share what she has learned through The Abundance Group, a group coaching membership for wedding pros from all around the country. Her mission is to help over 15,000 wedding pros build the business of their dreams!

ashley ebert

We all want an extraordinary business. A business that gives us the lifestyle we want and makes a powerful impact in our communities. But why do some people build unshakeable businesses, while others fall short? In this session Ashley Ebert will cover her five-part proven framework for the most important facet of building a business, cultivating an abundance mindset.

Talk: The Attitude of Abundance: Leaving the scarcity mindset behind so you can build the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Ashley Ebert

Tai Mceachin

Sarah Kay Love

Vanessa Hicks

Henry has been a wedding photographer since 2007, specializing in multi-cultural, faith, and ethnic weddings. In the past year, Henry started a chat marketing agency that helps wedding professionals, venues, and creative entrepreneurs successfully use chat marketing to generate leads and earn more while saving time. Henry is also a YouTuber, backpacker/hiker, and most importantly, a husband and father.

Henry Chen

ATTENTION and ACTION: everything you do in your business should end up in getting your potential client’s attention or for them to take some action in working with you.But in an ever-changing world with decreasing attention span and an increasing number of things we all need to do, how do you accomplish this?Introducing chat marketing: personalized, mobile marketing, and communication with automation.Utilize the latest technology in mobile communication (Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram DM, SMS, etc.) along with artificial intelligence to generate consistent and predictable leads on autopilot while saving time.

talk: Automation With Personalization: What's Chat Marketing And How Does It Help My Business

Cassie is a photographer, educator, and Showit United director, all the way from her small farm in Arkansas. Cassie is passionate about her family, community and helping create spaces where others can connect and learn together. Though deeply rooted in the South, Cassie serves couples and clients worldwide. When she's not shooting weddings or helping plan Showit United, you can find her with her nose in a good book, doing the lego dance across the living room or painting landscapes at her kitchen table. 

cassie jones

Every wedding may not have million dollar budgets, but they can have million dollar photographs! In this fast paced talk, Cassie shares her top tips for overcoming visual obstacles at challenging wedding venues. No more panicking when the getting ready room is too small or the church is too dark. You can still walk away with swoon worthy photographs, no matter the challenges.  

Talk: how to shoot every wedding like a million dollar wedding

Jihae is a city girl from Seoul, and Toronto, living in the suburbs of Arizona with her 7 kids, hot husband, and 15 passenger van. She works at Showit on the Community Development team, and is a podcaster, and foster care and adoption advocate. Two years ago she started a podcast called ‘Fostering Voices’ with her husband, where they give voice to those in the foster care and adoption community. They are passionate about sharing people’s stories, and raising awareness about foster care and adoption. In her spare time, Jihae likes to discount shop/hunt, volunteer in Jr high Ministry, and golf. Food is her primary love language.

jihae watson

Everyone wants to be an influencer these days, and I want to encourage people to be an influencer in their home and community. Serving others is the best way to find purpose for yourself and your business.

Talk: How To Be An Influencer With A Purpose

Laylee is an educator, podcast host, and photographer with a heart for serving clients and fellow creatives. She believes in serving the creative industry with heartfelt encouragement, honest advice, and a shared pursuit of the ever-elusive “balance.” Laylee is passionate about her goal to help you feel confident in your ability to make a difference, create impact, and to build a life doing what you love. 

laylee emadi

We have all faced feeling left out or like we don't belong. How can we turn our experience into thoughtful leadership that impacts us, others, and even our businesses?

Talk: Leadership and Belonging

Laylee Emadi

Jihae Watson

Cassie Jones

Henry Chen

Michelle Harris is a destination wedding photographer based in the DC area. She is owner and lead photographer at M Harris Studios in addition to her associate team, Laila Chanel Studios where she manages 15+ freelance photographers. In addition to her photography services, Michelle hosts a wedding photography conference called Hustle in Heels, and is also the leader of the online community M Harris Hustlers that inspires, and educates photographers around the world.

Michelle Harris

How I hustled THROUGH anyone and everyone who shot negativity my way as I built my businesses. I cover step by step how I turned every single negative comment into fuel and accelerated with it to become the powerhouse of a woman I am today, and how you can too.

Talk: Hustle thru your Haters

Quianna Marie is a traveling wedding and lifestyle photographer based in both the Bay Area, CA and greater Phoenix Area, AZ. She has a passion for weddings that FEEL better than they look and enjoys helping creatives turn their passion into their profession. She has recently been obsessed with creating videos, and teaching others how to incorporate them into their social media strategy. Quianna has been featured on numerous podcasts and magazine spreads from 'Borrowed and Blue' to 'The Knot'!

quianna marie

If you're only marketing to your ideal client, you're missing out on tons of people that will help
promote and do the marketing for you! There are 5 types of people you should be creating marketing videos for to help fill your calendar and make dream clients beg to work with you!

Talk:5 Types of Videos To Boost Engagement + Add Value

Sarah founded Digital Grace Design in 2017 to help creatives (like you!) design beautiful, refined, and strategic websites that attract the right people and help them to better serve their clients. Proud to be named Showit's 2019 Designer of the Year, honored to be a StoryBrand Certified Guide, and creator of the Simple Showit SEO course. Based in New York City, serving creatives worldwide.

Sarah blodgett

Have no idea where to start when it comes to setting up SEO on your Showit website? Learn 3
simple and impactful SEO tweaks you can make to your website in 15 minutes or less. Your future
clients are already searching for you, let's make sure they can find you

Talk: 3 Simple SEO Tweaks You Can Make to Your Website in 15 Minutes or Less

Devin is the owner of Anchor & Veil photography, a studio based in Charlotte, NC with 9 photographers, 2 cinematographers, and editor, an admin and a content creator. He also owns a marketing firm where he helps businesses in
the Charlotte area build their business and grow!

Devin Robinson

We talk all about how to utilize social media and the culture to grow your business. But not just one social media avenue, a couple of them. In 2020, you have the ability to be your own marketing company. There are effective ways to leverage your social platforms to gain clients build the business that works for you! We flip the traditional view of social media on it's head and reverse engineer the way you use it as a strategy. 

Talk: Not your Mommas Social Media Talk

Devin Robinson

Sarah Blodgett

Quianna Marie

Michelle Harris

Gillian is our Scottish friend who travels across the waters to join us at United every year! She is the owner and founder of the blog and website design company Gillian Sarah. She makes it her mission to provide all of her clients with hand crafted websites and branding that truly show their personality and ethos. To date, she and her team have helped over 4,000 small businesses build their online presence in unique and meaningful ways. And by meaningful - we mean profitable! Gillian is a new wife and proud cat mom, and she brings so much joy and excitement to her work, talks, and the creative community.

Gillian Sarah

Turn passive income from being a myth, into something that lives and works within your business. Gillian will teach you the importance of having multiple revenue streams and how to start implementing passive income today.

Talk: Creating & Scaling Passive Income Sources Within Your Business

Jennifer is an award-winning hugger, as well as a supremely talented photographer, encourager, and educator. She thrives in staying calm in stressful situations, and making people feel good about themselves in photos and in real life.
She loves to lose track of time in a Plant Nursery, namely her own indoor garden. She loves being a Plant Lady, while also being an incredible wife and mom to her sweet little boys. Jennifer is located in San Antonio, and as a military wife, she relies on her grit, and friendliness, and business savvy to be able to relocate her business every few years. 

jennifer ryals

The debate has always seemed to be Purpose vs. Passion, but nothing is definitively separating the two. Together, we will walk through defining purpose for you, setting the path for following your purpose, fueling your passion purposefully so that it can withstand rough seasons, and how those decisions affect every aspect of your life and the lives of everyone around you.

Talk: passion fueled

Meredith Ryncarz is a former college art professor turned destination wedding photographer. Recently named one of the top photographers in the south by South Magazine, her work can be seen in Forbes, Southern Living, and Shutter Magazine. As a military spouse, Meredith has crafted a business that is not situated in one regional market but rather is mobile to suit the lifestyle of her family, allowing her to restart her business multiple times over the past decade. She is also an educator who has spoken at numerous conferences and she has a huge heart for the creative community.

meredith ryncarz

Ideal client avatars are good and helpful to a point but will only go so far as each client is a unique person. Understanding their individual quickly will not only help you grow your business in the market you are in but beyond.

Talk: Understanding Client Needs to Grow Your Business

Jamie Davis is a laugh out loud and dance in your car to Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake kind of photographer and educator. She believes that memories captured are for generations to enjoy, because she wants to help build a legacy for the nostalgic bride. She is fluent in sign language and believes that learning a second language can only help you bring more joy to the world. She's secretly fantastic at building Lego castles, thanks to her daughter, and she believes in three kisses hello, three kisses good-bye, and all the hugs you can handle. She is married to her best friend Ryan, and they all lived happily ever after in Southern California. 

jaime davis

I survived and thrived with two HUGE life changing moments in one year so I want to teach you how to not only survive a hardship in your personal life but ensure your business thrives while going through the hard stuff. Fundamental things I put in place to help make sure my business was successful even if something monumental happened in my life.

Talk: Title of talk

Jaime Davis

Meredith Ryncarz

Jennifer Ryals

Gillian Sarah

Shauna and Jordon are former educators turned international wedding photographers. As formally trained educators with over 10 years in combined teaching experience, Shauna and Jordon strongly believe that all education should be research based, highly effective, and applicable. As teachers turned destination wedding photographers, their passion is to educate other business owners so that they can use their step-by-step education to create their own successes. Their goal is to provide an action based learning environment where success can be maximized and replicated.

shauna and jordan cooney

Have you ever wondered where the line of inspiration stops and imitation begins? Let's delve deep together on the topic of inspiration, how imitation robs us of our unique messaging that our ideal clients are desperately seeking, and how we can look outside of the norm to find new ways of feeling inspired.

Talk: Lean In: Stepping into Your Authentic Purpose

Paige Griffith is a super smart, but also fun lawyer and a small business owner. Marrying her passion for law and experience as an entrepreneur- she founded The Legal Paige with the mission to empower fellow small business owners with a rock solid foundation.She believes that the legal side of small business ownership doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. She speaks has spoken at numerous conferences to help spread her message, but she has so much to knowledge to share! So you can tune into The Legal Paige Podcast! It's a weekly interview show featuring legal, finance, and business tips for creatives and online businesses. 

Paige Marie Griffith

The Legal Paige is here to help you navigate these new times including updating your contracts for flat fee retainers, working with your clients on multiple reschedulings, and continuing to under promise and overdeliver.

Talk: Updating Your Contracts Post-Covid

Paige Marie Griffith

Shauna and Jordan Cooney



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United Apart is more than a one day online conference. It’s proof that even though we’re apart, we can still connect in different ways with other members of the community who are committed to seeing you thrive in your creative business. Join us on November 18th and spark new energy in your business.

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